What are Shortcodes?

Shortcodes are simple and configurable references to more complex objects such as widgets, content and pages. You can to do nifty things with very little effort.
Shortcode = shortcut

Shortcodes can be inserted into both the Papillon Editor and HTML Editor to display dynamic objects across your hub without the need for complex and ugly code. 

They contain information on what should be displayed (data); how it should be presented (the format); and how it should behave (actions). Shortcodes usually inherit both styles and data held globally which means that all instances can change from one central update. 

They use a very simple syntax within square brackets that non-coders can easily understand. Here's a simple example to display a speaker widget:

Which results in the following being displayed:

Carolina Vincente Director of Digital Marketing Google Bio

Papillon 0.5 and Papillon 1.0 both support shortcodes across the following objects: Buttons, Content, Feeds, Images, Speakers, Sessions, Videos and Zones